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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

What’s New?

Organizational Changes


New Degrees (6)

New Concentrations (3)

New Minors (8)

Revisions to Existing Programs (110+)

While over 110 existing programs were revised, the following program revisions are significant:

General Education Program

The Writing Skills Test (WST) has been temporarily suspended. See Writing Across the Curriculum WST website for more information. 

If any student takes one or more Area R, S, and V courses in the Spring 2020 semester (regardless of whether the student chooses to receive a grade or opts for Credit/No Credit), the requirement for a minimum aggregate 2.0 GPA in R, S, and V courses will be waived.

New Courses by General Education Core and SJSU Studies Areas
GE Core Area B4.Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning

  (MATH 30  with support; Students repeating MATH 30  or   are not eligible for MATH 30 , but may take   and MATH 30W .)
  (MATH 31  with support; Students repeating MATH 31  or   are not eligible for MATH 31 , but may take   and MATH 31W .)
  (MATH 32  with support; Students repeating MATH 32  or   are not eligible for MATH 32 , but may take   and MATH 32W .)
  (MATH 71  with support; Students repeating MATH 71  or   are not eligible for MATH 71 , but may take   and MATH 71W .)

GE Core Area C1. Arts

  (effective fall 2019)

GE Core Area C2. Letters


GE Core Area D2. Comparative Sciences


GE Core Area E. Human Understanding & Development


SJSU Studies Area S. Self, Society & Equality in the U.S.


SJSU Studies Area Z. Written Communication II



Revisions to Existing Courses (400+)

While over 400 existing courses were revised, the following course revisions are significant:

New Courses (127)




Health and Human Sciences

Humanities and the Arts

Professional and Global Education


Social Sciences