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MyRoadmaps Catalog 
MyRoadmaps Catalog

Computer Science, BS (2021-2022)

The following roadmap is a sample advising map to complete the degree program in four years. Please consult your MyPlanner and major advisor  as you develop your individualized academic plan. Students must have completed 60+ units in order to enroll in SJSU Studies courses.

Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3 | Year 4

Year 1

Fall Semester (16 units)

Spring Semester (16 units)

Year 2

Fall Semester (15 units)

Spring Semester (16 units)

  • Major Elective (Recommended CS 49C  with department consent) 3 unit(s)
  • GE Area F  3 unit(s)
  • GE Area A3  3 unit(s)
  • GE Area B2  OR Approved Science Elective 3 unit(s)
  • Approved Science Elective [Recommended PHYS 51  OR GEOL 7  (B1+B3)4 unit(s)

Year 3

Fall Semester (13 units)

Year 4

Fall Semester (15 units)

Spring Semester (14 units)

Roadmap Notes

This plan assumes readiness for calculus and for an introductory CS course. 

Alternates to PHYS 50 and 51 are available; see www.sjsu.edu/cs/practicalities/science-requirements. At least one CS electives should be chosen from the following list: CS 116A CS 116B CS 122 CS 123A CS 123B CS 134 CS 144 CS 153 CS 155 CS 156 CS 157B CS 157C CS 158A CS 158B CS 159 CS 161 CS 168 CS 174 , or CS 175 .

* AMS 1A  and AMS 1B  for CS majors covers GE area C1, C2 (one additional C1 or C2 required) and D + American Institutions US1, US2, and US3.