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MyRoadmaps Catalog

Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT)

Under Senate Bill 1440, California community colleges offer Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT), also referred to as Associate in Arts (AA-T) or Associate of Science (AS-T) for Transfer Degrees. These are designed to align coursework at the community college with courses offered at the CSU.  Students with Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADTs) are eligible to participate in the California Promise  program. 

ADT 2-Year Transfer Roadmaps

Approved majors for students completing AA-T or AS-T degrees at California Community Colleges under the STAR Act (SB 1440). The ADT roadmaps show a guaranteed 60 unit pathway to graduate with an SJSU baccalaureate degree in 2-years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ADT?

The ADT stands for Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT), is a particular degree program completed by transfer students under the STAR Act (SB 1440). ADT is used to reference both the AA-T and AS-T degrees awarded at the California Community Colleges (CCCs). Other terms used to reference the ADT degree include STAR Act or SB 1440.

What is SB 1440?

SB (Senate Bill) 1440 (Padilla, 2010) was passed and became the STAR Act (Student Transfer Achievement Reform). The STAR Act allows CCCs and California State University (CSU) faculty to collaborate in creating AA-T or AS-T (Associate of Arts for Transfer or Associate of Science for Transfer) degree programs, also known as Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT). These degrees guarantee admission to a similar degree program in the CSU system, as well as priority consideration for those particular major programs.

What does the ADT mean for a student?

Completion of the ADT and applying to an approved similar program provides the student a guaranteed admission to the CSU (not necessarily to a specific campus), gives the student admission priority, and a guaranteed 60 unit pathway (roadmap) to graduation with a similar baccalaureate degree at the CSU.

Completion of an ADT also means the student has satisfied all lower division GE, except the AS-T degrees in Biology or Chemistry. Therefore, students who earn an ADT other than in Biology or Chemistry and apply to any program (similar or not), will have their lower division core GE met. No GE certification will be required.

Students who earn the AS-T in Biology or Chemistry degree programs have the opportunity to complete their ADT with the IGETC for STEM. IGTEC for STEM allows the student to defer one course in GE Area C and one course in GE Area D until after transferring to the CSU campus. The deferred GE will be included in the 60 unit roadmap for the similar program’s roadmap. Students who apply for a major that is NOT similar, WILL be held to the GE Area C and D requirements after transfer to the CSU (9 semester or 12 quarter units in each area).

Which ADT programs does SJSU accept?

A list of all similar degree program roadmaps from 2012 through the present, can be found on the CSU Associate Degree for Transfer Major and Campus Search.

What are the eligibility requirements & next steps?

  • Complete an approved Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) at a California Community College.
  • Apply for admission to a CSU campus for an open term by the published deadline.
  • Submit all requested transcripts and documents by the published deadline.
  • Choose a major and concentration that have been deemed “similar” to your ADT.

What are the terms & conditions of the ADT Guarantee?

After enrollment begins, the guarantee is not transferable to another CSU campus. To maintain guarantee, you must:

  • Maintain continuous enrollment in the same academic major that you applied at the time of admission.
  •  Successfully complete each required course for the degree. Repeating courses will not count toward the 60 semester unit guarantee.
  • The guarantee will not be possible if you elect to add any additional degree objectives, such as a minor or second major.
  • Review your Degree Audit Report each semester and meet with your academic advisor. The Degree Audit Report is your 60-unit roadmap to graduation.

Who is the advising contact for ADT students?

The advising contact for each department is shown on the ADT Transfer Advisor Directory .

Who is the articulation contact for ADT staff or faculty?

Delia Chávez or (408) 924-2711 in the Articulation Office would be the contact for articulation questions regarding the similar programs and roadmaps.

Who is the admission contact for ADT students, staff or faculty?

Irene Ho is the admission contact.