Sep 23, 2023  
MyRoadmaps Catalog 
MyRoadmaps Catalog

Aerospace Engineering, BS (2021-2022)

The following roadmap is a sample advising map to complete the degree program in four years. Please consult your MyPlanner and major advisor  as you develop your individualized academic plan. Students must have completed 60+ units in order to enroll in SJSU Studies courses.

Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3 | Year 4

Year 1

Fall Semester (16 units)

Spring Semester (16 units)

Year 2

Fall Semester (16 units)

Year 3

Year 4

Roadmap Notes

Courses in each semester are prioritized from top to bottom. AE majors are exempt from the following GE requirements:

  • GE Area A3 met with the completion of major
  • GE Area B2 (Intensive Science with completion of the major)
  • Additional GE Area C
  • SJSU Studies Areas S and V met in the major (AE 171A  / AE 171B  or AE 172A  / AE 172B   plus ENGR 195A  / ENGR 195B )
  • Physical Education Waived