May 19, 2024  
MyRoadmaps Catalog 
MyRoadmaps Catalog

Chinese, BA (2023-2024) (AA-T Global Studies or AA-T Social Justice Studies)

The AA-T in Global Studies or AA-T in Social Justice Studies guarantees the student will transfer with the completion of 60 transferable semester units. Students who earn either of these transfer degrees will meet the 39 units of lower division GE and 21 units of electives at SJSU.

Below is the path to the BA in Chinese degree in 60 semester units for students who earn either the AA-T in Global Studies or AA-T in Social Justice Studies.

Year 1 | Year 2

Year 1

1st Semester (14 units)

2nd Semester (15 units)

Year 2

3rd Semester (15 units)

4th Semester (16 units)

Roadmap Notes

A minimum of 40 upper division units must be completed for degree. This roadmap is a sample pathway. Check with a major advisor regarding the most appropriate course sequence for you. 60 units minimum will be transferred with this degree, however up to 70 transfer units can be applied to the lower division and lower division free electives if articulated.

** Complete 1 year of a Second World Language for a total of six semester units.