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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing, Integrated Community College Pathway, BS

Dual Admission Program Between SJSU and Evergreen Valley Community College

The Nursing, Integrated Community College Pathway, BS (ICCP) is a joint program between Evergreen Valley Community College (EVCC) and The Valley Foundation School of Nursing  in which students are concurrently enrolled in both. The ICCP program allows students to complete an Associate Degree in Nursing, apply and sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Nurses (NCLEX-RN), and complete post licensure nursing content and upper general education courses to earn a BS Nursing. 

Summary of Degree Units

University Graduation Requirements 3-6
EVC Lower Division Transfer Units 70
NCLEX - RN Examination 20
Major Requirements 24
University Electives 0-3
Total 120

Program Roadmap

Students enrolled in the Community College Pathway follow the Nursing, Integrated Community College Pathway, BS roadmap designed to satisfy the Associate Degree in Nursing from EVC and the Nursing BS requirements in 5 semesters or 4.5 years (only 3 years of enrollment at SJSU). 

  • Semesters one and two require the students to take one nursing course at SJSU and 9 units of the EVCC Associate Degree in Nursing Program.
  • Semester three requires the students to take two SJSU courses (one SJSU nursing course and one SJSU elective course), and 9 units of the EVCC Associate Degree in Nursing Program.
  • Semester four requires the students to take one SJSU Upper Division GE Course (Area R or V), and 9 units of the EVCC Associate Degree in Nursing Program.
  • Students completing semester four will apply and pass the NCLEX-RN examination before entering into the final semester of the ICCP program.
  • Semester five continues with only SJSU course. Five courses in both nursing and Upper Division GE (Area R or V), and will complete any other remaining Undergraduate University Graduation Requirements .

Failure to Progress

The ICCP program is a rigorous curriculum that will require strict criterion for participation. For students who enter the program the following criteria has been agreed upon.

  1. Students who fall out of progression within the Associate Degree Program will defer to EVCC’s progression and disqualification policies. Students who are disqualified from EVCC are automatically disqualified from SJSU’s ICCP program.
  2. Student who do not pass the NCLEX-RN examination during the interim semester will have the option to move out of the ICCP program and into the existing Nursing, RN to BSN Concentration, BS  program at SJSU when licensure is obtained. The impact to the student may include additional semesters of course work depending on when the student obtains licensure.
  3. Students who fail any SJSU nursing courses during semesters 1 thru 4 of the ICCP program will be moved into the existing regular EVCC program and removed from the ICCP program pathway. Students can apply to the Nursing, RN to BSN Concentration, BS  program at SJSU after graduating from the ADN program as a regular progression student.

Major-Specific Graduation Requirements

All courses required in the major require a grade of “C” or better or “Credit” (see admission impaction supplemental criteria for exceptions ). In addition, students must pass background and drug clearances. Policies are posted on The Valley Foundation School of Nursing website.

University Requirements

Students must satisfy all of the major and Undergraduate University Graduation Requirements , which includes unit, GPA, and residency requirements as well as the below identified General Education , American Institutions, Graduation Writing Assessment and Physical Education requirements. Courses that meet Undergraduate University Graduation Requirements are noted with an area designation (see Course Abbreviations ).

Core Lower Division General Education

The Core Lower Division General Education Requirements  (39 units) must be completed before transferring from a community college or any university.

Upper Division General Education (3-6 units)

Of the 9 units required by the university, 6 units may be satisfied by coursework outlined below. Consult with the major advisor for details. Of the 9 units, the following 3-6 units are not satisfied in the major. 

  • Area R   3 unit(s) (Starting in Fall 2022, this course may be satisfied in the major) 
  • Area V   3 unit(s)

American Institutions

Recommend completion before transferring from a community college or any university. The American Institutions (AI) Requirement (US123)  is normally satisfied with the completion of General Education Area D. Consult your major advisor to confirm you have satisfied the requirement.

Physical Education

The Physical Education Requirement  (2 units) is recommended to be completed before transferring from a community college or any university.

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement

At SJSU, students must pass both the SJSU Writing Skills Test (WST) and a 100W course. The Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)  is satified by a course in the major. A grade of C or better (C- not accepted) is required to meet graduation requirement.

Major Preparation (90 units)

Evergreen Community College Coursework (70 units)

Transferred from EVCC Associate Degree in Nursing Program.

External Exam Credit (20 units)

NCLEX - RN examination

Students admitted to the program will receive 20 units of credit for passage of the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for Registered Nurses.

University Electives (0-3 units)

Total Units Required (120 units)