Jan 25, 2022  
2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog

American Institutions Requirement

Courses in American Institutions should expose students to alternative interpretations of the historical events and political processes that have shaped the social, economic, and political systems in which we live. All three requirements (1) US History, (2) US Constitution, and (3) California Government must be completed from the following coursework.

US123 Requirements (6-12 units)

Courses satisfy General Education Requirements  as specified by the Course Abbreviations  in parentheses. The Writing Skills Test (WST) is only a prerequisite for HIST 170S  and POLS 170V .

U.S. History + U.S. Constitution + California Government (US123)

All of these sequences satisfy General Education Requirements  listed in parentheses. All courses in the sequence must be completed to satisfy the requirement.

American Studies (12 units)

Asian American History (6 units)

Humanities Honors (12 units)

Satisfies eight GE areas, including third Area C, and all of American Institutions completed when completed with grades of “C-” or better.

U.S. History and Government (6 units)

U.S. Constitution + California Government Only (US23)