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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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GEOG 107 - Mapping the World

3 unit(s)
Scientific understanding of the physical systems and processes of Earth as explored through data and mapping, satellite and aerial imagery, and an introduction to spatial analysis. In this survey of diverse global environments students will create interactive web applications and story maps using online ArcGIS Online to visually communicate the interrelationships between humans and their environment.

Satisfies SJSU Studies R: Earth & Environment.

Prerequisite(s): Passage of the Writing Skills Test (WST) or ENGL 100A /LLD 100A  with a C or better, completion of Core General Education, and upper division standing (60 units). Completion of, or co-registration in, 100W is strongly recommended
Grading: Letter Graded

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