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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Aerospace Engineering BS + MS

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The Aerospace Engineering Spartan Accelerated Graduate Education (SAGE) Programs  is a combined bachelor’s and master’s program per University Policy F19-1. Students in this program will simultaneously pursue an Aerospace Engineering, BS  (BSAE) and an Aerospace Engineering, MS  (MSAE) degree. The program will allow students to earn graduate credit while in their senior year, reducing the number of semesters required for the completion of the MSAE degree. 

Summary of Degree Units  
Aerospace Engineering, BS 120
Aerospace Engineering, MS  24
Total 144

For more information, contact the SAGE Scholars Program Aerospace Advisor: Nikos Mourtos

Admissions Requirements

Students must adhere to the following admissions requirements:

  1. Successfully completed all the courses required in the first 3 years of the BSAE degree (95 units) and not more than 120 undergraduate degree applicable units at the time of admission into the Aerospace Engineering SAGE program;

  2. Completed the undergraduate Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (ENGR 100W) prior to admission into the Aerospace Engineering SAGE program;

  3. Complete all BSAE junior-level courses (AE 112 , AE 114 , AE 138 , AE 140 , AE 157 , AE 160 , AE 162 , AE 165 ) with a grade of “B-” or better and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher in these courses; and,

  4. Have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA at the time of admission into the Aerospace Engineering SAGE program. 

Students who have reached up to their first semester as classified seniors will remain eligible for entry into the Aerospace Engineering SAGE program. Second semester, senior-level students enrolled in the term they expect to graduate from their baccalaureate degree are not eligible to enter into the Aerospace Engineering SAGE program as these students will not gain the accelerated graduate-level benefit offered through the Aerospace Engineering SAGE blended program option.

Academic Standing

Requirements for program continuation and advancement to candidacy in the graduate program, include:

  • Meeting every semester with an academic advisor to plan and track coursework and graduate status. Once the BSAE degree is conferred, students meet every semester with their graduate advisor to plan a formal course of study.

  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher in Major Preparation and Major Required listed courses, with no individual grade below a C.

  • The proposed graduate program must be approved by the Aerospace Engineering graduate coordinator before the student may be considered a candidate for the MS degree.

Program Requirements (144 units)

Aerospace Engineering, BS (120 units)

Students must satisfy all of the major and Undergraduate University Graduation Requirements , which includes unit, GPA, and residency requirements as well as the below identified General Education , American Institutions, Graduation Writing Assessment, and Physical Education requirements. Courses that meet Undergraduate University Graduation Requirements are noted with an area designation (see Course Abbreviations ).

Exceptions for University Graduation Requirements  apply to this major.

University Requirements (21 units)

The Lower and Upper Division General Education  requirements may be satisfied by coursework outlined below. To satisfy the Lower and Upper Division General Education , students must pass both the SJSU Writing Skills Test (WST) and ENGR 100W  with a grade of “C” or better (“C-” not accepted).

Major Preparation (36 units)

To qualify for a baccalaureate degree in Aerospace Engineering, a student must receive a grade of “C” or better in all courses in preparation for the major.

Major Requirements (63 units)

Capstone (8 units)

Complete one of the following options:

Technical Electives (3 units)

Select technical elective course with major advisor. This course will also fulfill one of the 3 Area of Specialization courses for the MS degree.

Aerospace Engineering. MS (24 units)

Core Courses (12 units)

AE 167  or AE 267  fulfills both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. 

Area of Specialization (6 units)

Students may specialize in one of the two areas listed below. The Technical Elective in the undergraduate degree should be in the chosen area.

Culminating Experience (6 units)

Complete One Option (Plan A or Plan B):

Total Units Required (144 units)

The standalone Aerospace Engineering BS program requires the completion of 3 units of approved technical electives and AE 167 (3 units). Students satisfy these courses in this SAGE Scholars Program by completing 3 units required within the Area of Specialization in the MS degree and either AE 167 or AE 267, as either three-unit course will satisfy both BS Aerospace Engineering and MS Aerospace Engineering core requirements for aerospace propulsion. These 6 credits are considered to count toward both the graduate and undergraduate degrees, thus allowing SAGE students to meet the minimum unit requirements for both degrees.

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