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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science Supplementary Authorization

The Computer Science Supplementary Authorization program at SJSU focuses on providing the computer science knowledge that allows teaching students to engage fully and democratically in a technology rich society. With a parallel engagement in equity/justice, technological skills, and pedagogy, this supplementary authorization helps students to:

  • Explore big issues of equity and social impacts of CS 
  • Learn core CS practices, theories, tools, and skills
  • Gain programming experience 
  • Learn how to critique, revise (existing) and design lessons and CS curricula

The Introductory Computer Science Supplementary Authorization

  • can be added to a Single Subject teaching credential and authorizes the holder to teach the supplementary subject matter content typically included in curriculum guidelines and textbooks for study in grades 9 and below. 
  • can be added to a Multiple Subject Teaching credential and authorizes the holder to teach departmentalized classes related to the supplementary in grades 9 and below.

Introductory Authorization Requirements (10 units)

Total Units Required (10 units)