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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Advanced Communication(s) and Research Methods Certificate

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The Advanced Communication(s) and Research Methods certificate program will allow postgraduate students to pursue interests in interdisciplinary study and earn an advanced certificate by enrolling in graduate or upper-division courses in writing, oral communication and data analysis across a wide array of academic discipline choices. Development of these skills are important in strengthening personal and professional relationships, enhance teamwork, and assist in job performance and advancement. Additionally, this program will allow the student to carefully consider pursuing a MA/MS Interdisciplinary Studies degree by allowing time to meet with potential advisors and develop a research project or thesis during their first academic semester and explore various academic avenues through a customized course of study.

This certificate should be completed through the course of a single semester. Students who wish to continue towards completion of either the Interdisciplinary Studies master’s degree or other graduate degree should transfer into the program before their second semester. Students who require a second semester to complete the certificate should contact the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies  for more information. 

The College of Graduate Studies Associate Dean (CGS AD) serves as advisor for the certificate program and will review all student programs of study to ensure the following:
1. That students take at least one 3-unit course to fulfill each program requirement (i.e. writing, oral communication, and a methodology course).
2. Approved courses for enrollment are chosen based on student interest, potential double-counting into a graduate program, fulfillment of course prerequisites (if listed below), and evaluating a student’s potential success in a proposed course (based on undergraduate record and previous course history).
3. As graduate-level courses are lower capped and may be restricted to students in a specific program, enrollment in a graduate course is permitted only after approval from either the course instructor or graduate coordinator.

Student Admissions

Students who wish to apply for this program do so through Cal State Apply for this regular session, advanced certificate program. Additionally:
1. Students will be admitted under the current Interdisciplinary Studies Master’s admission standards for fall and spring semester.
2. Students will only be admitted to the program if they have met with the faculty program coordinator and drafted an approved course of study through the College of Graduate Studies application process currently used for the master’s program. The approved courses will require either that the student has successfully completed prerequisites or have been given instructor approval.
3. Students will earn a certificate once the minimum 9 units have been completed. If a student wishes to move to the master’s program, the student will do a Program Transfer via Office of Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations and move into the master’s if they are currently matriculated. If a student falls out of status, then they would have to reapply into the program.

Certificate Requirements (9-12 units)

Graduate Writing (3-4 units)

In consultation with the CGS AD, choose one of the following courses graduate writing courses (GWAR certified/graduate level):

Research Methods (3-4 units)

In consultation with the CGS AD, choose one of the following (Quantitative or Qualitative) upper division or graduate level methods courses:

Oral Communications (3-4 units)

Choose a minimum of 3 units of the following upper division or graduate level presentation/seminar courses:

Total Units Required (9-12 units)

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