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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Department of Teacher Education

Office: Sweeney Hall 305

Telephone: 408-924-3771

Email: teacher-education@sjsu.edu

Website: www.sjsu.edu/teachered/


Katya Aguilar
Brent Duckor
Mark K. Felton
Roxana Marachi
Colette Rabin
Grinell Smith
Patricia Swanson
David A. Whitenack, Chair

Associate Professors

Allison Briceño
Luis Poza
Wanda Watson

Assistant Professors

Lara Kassab
Tiffani Marie
Eduardo Muñoz-Muñoz
Kathryn Ribay
Sandra Zuñiga Ruiz
Tammie Visintainer


The Teacher Education Program (TED) at San José State University is California’s oldest public teacher preparation program. We are committed to preparing the highest quality PK-12 educators, with knowledge, skills, dispositions, and ethics to teach students in our culturally diverse and technologically complex global communities. Teaching is a reliable and rewarding profession for those desiring to influence the lives of children and adolescents. TED prepares teachers who focus on students and their learning needs through culturally sustaining pedagogy, antiracist practices, and other asset-oriented approaches to emancipatory education.

TED offers preparation for a California Pre-kindergarten - Grade 3 Early Childhood Education Specialist (PK-3 ECE Specialist, pending approval), Multiple Subject (Transitional Kindergarten - Grade 8) or Single Subject (middle and high school) teaching credentials offered by the State of California to teach preschool, elementary, middle, and high school students in a California public school. These programs are post-baccalaureate, offered at the graduate level, and are accredited by the CCTC (California Commission on Teacher Credentialing). TED offers a credential-only option (in PK-3 ECE, Multiple Subject, or Single Subject) or a teaching credential plus a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree. For experienced teachers, a Reading and Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential program with a Master of Arts in Multilingual and Multicultural Literacy Education degree is offered (pending approval). Undergraduate pathways to the PK-3 ECE (pending approval), Multiple Subject, or Single Subject credential are available through ITEP and SAGE programs.

Bilingual Authorization program options are available in Spanish, Mandarin, and Vietnamese; and they may also be available in other Asian languages upon request.

Undergraduate students intending to enter a teaching credential program should view the Teacher Preparation  section of the catalog for more information.


    Undergraduate Minor(s)



    Credentials are primarily granted by the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing. This excludes the Credential in Spanish Language Counseling. 

    Added Authorization(s)

    Added Authorizations are granted by the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing and extend special authorization to specific audiences. 

    Spartan Accelerated Graduate Education (SAGE) Scholars

    Spartan Accelerated Graduate Education (SAGE) Programs  programs are combined bachelor’s and master’s programs at SJSU (per University Policy F19-1). Sometimes they may also satisfy the requirements for a credential. Students in these programs pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree simultaneously. These program allow students to earn graduate credit while in their junior and/or senior year, reducing the number of semesters required for completion of a master’s degree.


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