Dec 08, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

Office: Moss Landing Marine Laboratories: Marine Science Graduate Program; 8272 Moss Landing Road; Moss Landing, CA 95039

Telephone: 831-771-4400




Ivano W. Aiello, Interim Director
Michael H. Graham, Chair
Scott Hamilton
James T. Harvey, Director

Associate Professors

Thomas Connolly
Birgitte McDonald

Assistant Professors

Maxime Grand
Amanda Kahn
Sarah Smith

Adjunct Professors

Colleen Durkin
David Ebert
Valerie J. Loeb
John S. Oliver
Iliana Ruiz-Cooley
G. Jason Smith
Richard M. Starr
Diana Steller
Alison Stimpert

Other Faculty

Katie Lage, Librarian


The second oldest marine lab on Monterey Bay, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, (MLML), established in 1966, has an international reputation for excellence in marine science research and education. MLML administers the interdisciplinary master’s of science degree in marine science for seven California State University (CSU) campuses: East Bay, Fresno, Monterey Bay, Sacramento, San Francisco, San José and Stanislaus. MLML’s hands-on, field-oriented approach places students, faculty, research and staff where discoveries are made: at the frontiers of marine science worldwide. The wealth of nearby marine resources, excellent marine facilities and operations, renowned faculty and research-based curriculum combine to make the MLML program one of the best graduate programs of its kind in the United States. MLML provides students with a cutting-edge education that prepares them for careers in science, education and outreach, conservation, policy and management, and for doctoral studies.



    Marine Science