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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Biological Sciences

Office: Duncan Hall 254

Telephone: 408-924-4900

Email: bioassistant-group@sjsu.edu

Website: sjsu.edu/biology


Tzvia Abramson
David K. Bruck
Jeffrey Honda
Susan Lambrecht
Elizabeth McGee-Bergerol
William Murray
Cleber Ouverney
Sabine A. Rech
Scott Shaffer
Julio Soto
Miri Van-Hoven

Associate Professors

Shelley Cargill, Chair
Rachael French
Elizabeth Skovran
J. Brandon White
Katherine Wilkinson

Assistant Professors

Walter Adams
Jennifer Avena
Benjamin Carter
Jessica Castillo-Vardaro
Maya deVries
Bree Grillo-Hill
Frank Huynh
Jennifer Johnston
Nino Alexander Payumo
Sonia Singhal


As leaders in the education of a highly trained and diverse scientific workforce, our mission is to provide a dynamic educational experience by engaging students in hands-on, inquiry-based learning activities at the bench and in the field. Through these experiences our students will gain a conceptual and experiential understanding of the biological sciences spanning from molecules to ecosystems.

Our Program goals are to:

  • Serve the diverse student population of our region.
  • Educate students to be intellectually agile and technologically proficient.
  • Provide students with intensive, rigorous laboratory and field experiences within the context of their regular coursework.
  • Create individualized mentoring opportunities and state-of-the-art learning experiences within the context of our faculty research programs.
  • Foster creativity, a sound theoretical foundation, and the ability to communicate effectively and interact cooperatively.
  • Make substantial contributions to the scientific community through our research efforts and that of our students.

Honors Program

Students may apply for the honors program in Biology in BS - Biological Sciences (all concentrations). Students wishing to complete the honors program must:

  1. Have a GPA of 3.5 or higher in courses required in the major,
  2. Have an overall SJSU GPA of 3.0 or higher, and
  3. Complete BIOL 186 BOT 186 , or  ZOOL 186 - Senior Thesis .

Senior thesis courses involve the student in the completion of a research project under the direct supervision of a faculty member. As such, the research project must be on a mutually agreed upon topic. It is recommended that the student submit a proposal for research to the faculty member and have that proposal approved in the last semester of his/her junior year. The student is required to present the results of the research in written form and as a seminar.


    Undergraduate Major(s)

    Undergraduate Minor(s)




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