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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Information and Student Messaging for 1290R Enrollment

Per University Policy S17-5, graduate students with an RP grade in a thesis (299), dissertation (699), or project (often 298) course in the Spring 2012 or later semester are required to enroll in the 1-unit  CR/NC course, 1290R, each semester until degree completion for the purpose of continuous enrollment. Enrollment must be repeated each semester until degree completion except in cases in which the department requires repeated enrollment in the original project or thesis course. There are no class meetings for the course as it is supervisory in nature; however, there will be a $288 fee associated with 1290R. “Stopping out” or a voluntary absence from the university will not be permitted unless a leave of absence petition is approved for either medical or military reasons. Failure to register will result in a hold being put on graduation until the unit is retroactively added, and a late fee will be associated with the retroactive action. To retroactively add any previous semesters in which a 1290R course was not taken, use the linked DocuSign form.

The College of Professional and Global Education  is responsible for scheduling 1290R:

  1. 1290Rs are special session courses, and students must have special session registration appointments (i.e., time/date window) to add via MySJSU.
    1. The College of Graduate Studies  oversees both grading and roster management for all 1290R courses (both UNVS 1290R  and any department generated 1290R [e.g. BIOL 1290R ). The Associate Dean of Graduate Studies serves as the instructor of record for all 1290R courses, no matter the prefix.
    2. One class for each department with an enrollment cap of 100 students can be generated.
    3. UNVS 1290R  is used only in cases in which the department has not designated its own 1290R. Tuition generated in this case does not go to the department.
  2. Students can add 1290R only if they are not enrolled in any other courses for the current semester. Appointments to enroll for 1290R begins the day following the last day to add courses.
    1. Because 1290R is scheduled through Special Sessions, and the Office of the Registrar delays appointments to allow students to register for other courses, 1290R registration is delayed until the day following the last day to add (see example email sent to students below).
    2. Domestic students have until the last day of instruction (11:59 pm) to enroll in 1290R.
    3. Note: International students in F-1 status: Federal regulations require that students enroll in 1290R within the first 30 days of the start of the semester although they will not be able to complete the 1290R enrollment until they receive their appointment. Students who do not complete enrollment during that time will be out of compliance and their F-1 status will be terminated, resulting in immediate departure from the U.S. Therefore, it is critical that they do not delay in registering for 1290R once they have an appointment. Please contact International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) for more information.
    4. Students enroll in 1290R just as they would a regular course through their MySJSU Student Center (see the PDF Instructions).
    5. Any 1290R enrollments after the last day of instruction become retroactive adds. Students will then be required to add 1290R retroactively for the course once the deadline has passed.

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for screening students, messaging, and posting grades for 1290R eligible students:

  1. Registration appointments are assigned to graduate students based on the following criteria:
    1. Students who have an “RP” grade Spring 2012 or thereafter in a thesis/project course or applied to graduate in the current semester and/or following two semesters;
    2. Students who are not enrolled in any courses for the current semester;
    3. Completed all degree requirements other than thesis or project.

Important Notes:

  1. Students who do not have a graduation date for either the current semester or two subsequent semesters, must update their graduation date. Students who have not applied to graduate or have a past graduation date will not automatically receive a 1290R appointment via messaging.
  2. Students who do not have an RP course in their program, do not have any recorded status for their pending culminating experience such as comprehensive exams (i.e., courses only), or have an “I” reported for their culminating experience will not automatically receive an appointment invitation from the Office of the Registrar. In these cases, the student or graduate advisor must contact the Associate Dean of Programs, College of Graduate Studies, in order to notify the Office of the Registrar to provide the student a 1290R registration appointment via email. The following information is required:
    1. Student contact information (name, ID number, email, and phone number);
    2. Program and culminating experience.

Sample Memo to Students 

From the Office of the Registrar after census date.

Dear Student, 

A registration appointment is now available for you to enroll in your department prefix 1290R or UNVS 1290R (a 1-unit thesis/project supervisory course for continuous enrollment), as our records indicate that you have met all of the conditions below for [current semester]. Registration is via MySJSU, and no permission number is needed. Failure to register for this course will result in a hold on your graduation until you retroactively add the course. Please be aware that retroactively adding this course will incur a $200 late fee.


  1. Graduate student
  2. “RP” grade issued in Spring 2012 or thereafter in a thesis/ project course or applied to graduate in [current semester, or the following two successive semesters]               
  3. Enrolled in no other courses for the current term
  4. Completed all degree requirements other than thesis or project

Questions can be directed to Dr. Jeffrey Honda, Associate Dean of Programs, College of Graduate Studies.

For other Graduate policy guidelines, visit the College of Gradute Studies Policy website.