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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Registration and Attendance

Make sure you have access to One.SJSU.edu

Make sure your browser (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox or Safari) supports access to MySJSU portal.

For your convenience, computer access locations are available at these campus locations:

  • Clark Hall
  • King Library
  • Associated Students Computer Lab, Student Union
  • Lobby, Student Services Center
  • Peer Connections, Student Services Center
  • Campus wireless hotspots


  • Use your SJSUOne login information to sign into MySJSU. Your SJSU ID, also known as your Tower ID, is the number found on the front of your Tower Card.
  • Your ID cannot be changed.
  • New students receive this information from Admissions Office communications shortly after submitting a completed application for admission.

Primary Name (Legal Name)

  • Will be used on all official university documentation such as the diploma, official/ unofficial transcript, the SJSU ID (Tower) Card, and any documentation involving financial aid or student accounts.

  • Must be used when conducting official university business.  

  • Will be used for student’s SJSU email address in this format: FirstName.LastName@sjsu.edu. 

  • Students may use a name other than their Primary (legal) Name on their diploma. Please visit Diploma Name information page.

If an update or correction is needed, submit Personal Information Change Request form online.

Preferred Name

San Jose State University recognizes that members of our community may choose names other than their legal names to identify themselves. SJSU allows preferred names as long as the name is not used to misrepresent or evade legal obligations.  Inappropriate use of the preferred name policy may result in a violation of the Student Conduct Code and be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development. The university reserves the right to remove a preferred name if it is being used improperly. Students should check to ensure that their preferred name is current each semester. 

  • Current students can set up a “preferred name” by changing first and/or middle names on MySJSU
  • The preferred name will only be seen on Class Rosters and Grade Rosters.  The student’s Primary name(Legal name) will appear on all official documents such as transcripts and diplomas. 
  • The student’s SJSU.edu email address will be the student’s Primary name (Legal name) in this format: FirstName.LastName@sjsu.edu. 
  • CANVAS does have an internal process that allows you to display your preferred name.


  • You can set your password for the first time or reset it if you have forgotten it by navigating to One.SJSU.edu and clicking on the Password Help tile.
  • When setting or changing your password, pay close attention to the case in which you enter the letters.
  • Remember, your password is cASe seNsiTIVE!
  • If you are having difficulty resetting your password, please contact itservicedesk@sjsu.edu for assistance. Include your full name, SJSU ID if known, your date of birth, and your mailing address.

What to do if you can’t log in

Appointments and Class Schedule

Do your research and plan your schedule

Check your enrollment appointment on your MySJSU account by logging on to One.SJSU.edu. The MySJSU tile will appear as a “Most Popular”. You can also use the One.SJSU.edu search bar to search for MySJSU. For more tutorials and guides on how to get started with One.SJSU.edu and to customize the portal, visit the IT Support site.

You will not be able to register before your appointment time, but you can enter the system, run MyProgress and MyPlanner, and research course offerings, degree requirements, course prerequisites, etc. You will not be able to register until you clear registration holds (see Registration Holds).

It is your responsibility to monitor your account to see when the appointment time is posted. Note that enrollment appointments are not mailed or emailed to students.

Create a registration worksheet before logging on

Build a sample schedule and have alternate schedules or classes prepared in the event courses are either closed or canceled. SJSU offers course listings to you in 3 ways:

  1. Use MyScheduler to find the schedule options that work for you. You can import your semester plan from MyPlanner to MyScheduler and you can block out times you have work or other commitments.
  2. MySJSU class schedule search function: Real-time updates of available courses (open and closed sections, seats remaining).
  3. SJSU Catalog: Instructions, policies, procedures and course listings at one URL. Searchable, linked to SJSU Catalog degree templates.
  4. Check out the Roadmap for your major requirements and run MyPlanner.

Course Offerings and Cancelled Classes

The courses listed in the online SJSU Schedule of Classes reflect the scheduled offerings by the departments available at the publication deadline. The online schedule of classes posted at MySJSU provides real time status of classes. Departments have the option, based on enrollment, to cancel and/or add sections or courses.

Priority Groups

Current units-in-progress is used to determine class level for registration purposes. All priority groups are established per University Policy F17-4.

Group One

Priority Students

Students who are required by external agencies such as the National Collegiate Athletic Association, or by law, to receive priority. This excludes students covered by SB 412, the California Promise program unless they also fall under another group with required priority registration.

Students whose contributions to the university are recognized as being so extensive that their graduation would be postponed by the amount of time spent on their extracurricular duties.

Students serving on Senate committees that require student participation in order to perform essential functions.

Students who are part of any group that has a contractual agreement with SJSU to provide a full course load. Groups in this category include:

  • Accessible Education Center (AEC) certified students
  • AEC note takers
  • Associated Students Board of Directors
  • Student Fairness Committee Members
  • NCAA Athletics
  • Guardian Scholars
  • Reciprocal Exchange students
  • Veterans (as per Cal. Educ. Code 66025.8)

Group Two

  • Graduating seniors (bachelors-level students who have a graduation application on file with an anticipated graduation date for the current or next semester) in the California Promise program
  • Remaining graduating students (bachelors- and graduate-level students who have a graduation application on file with an anticipated graduation date for the current or next semester)

Group Three

  • Non-graduating graduate students based on rotating alphabetical groupings

Group Four

  • Seniors in the California Promise Program
  • Non-graduating Seniors based on rotating alphabetical groupings

Group Five

  • Second Baccalaureate students based on rotating alphabetical groupings

Group Six

  • Juniors in the California Promise Program
  • All other Juniors based on rotating alphabetical groupings

Group Seven

  • Sophomore and continuing Freshmen in the California Promise Program
  • All other Sophomores and continuing Freshmen based on rotating alphabetical groupings

Note: First-Time Frosh registration is completed through Frosh Orientation. Incoming transfer students have a registration date dependent on when they matriculate, or their Transfer Orientation date.

Adding a Class

  • Navigate to One.SJSU.edu
  • Enter your SJSU ID and Password to log into MySJSU
  • Navigate to Academics > Add a Class
  • Select the correct term. If you do not see the desired term, you are not eligible to enroll. New students should contact Admissions. Continuing students should contact the Registrar’s Office.

Choose the class you wish to add.

  • Two ways to select a class:

  1. If you know the Class Number for the class you wish to add, you can simply type the 5 digit Class Number and click the Enter button.
  2. Click the green “Search Button.” Make sure the Course Career is set to Graduate or Undergraduate depending on the class you are searching for. If you find a class you wish to add, click the “Select Class” button to place it in your shopping cart.
  • Once you have chosen a class, a new page called “Class Enrollment Options” will appear. Verify that the course is the one you selected.

  • If required, enter permission number (see Department or Instructor Consent below)

  • Select any related component classes if applicable (see below), and click okay.

  • The Add Classes page will appear, and you will see your classes in your shopping cart.

Warning: you have not yet added your classes.  You must click on “Finish Enrolling” to add the class.

Component Classes

If the course has related components attached to it (e.g., lab, seminar), the system will prompt you to select the one you wish to add.

Department or Instructor Consent

  • Please note that classes designated “Department Consent Required” require a Permission Number (add code). This should be requested from the instructor or from the office of the department offering the course.

  • If you received a Class Permission Number, enter it in the Permission Number box after selecting your class.

  • Please note that most classes will continue to add students from the waitlist when seats become available during the first seven business days of the semester, per University Policy F20-1.

  • Permission Numbers (add codes) will be required for all classes starting on the eighth business day of the semester, per University Policy F20-1.

Switching or Swapping Class Sections?

You must drop the section (lecture and labs/seminar, as well, if they have related components or corequisites) before adding the new class section(s).

The Swap class enrollment function allows you to replace an enrolled class with another open or waitlisted class. To learn more, go to FAQs for Swapping Classes.

Add Additional Classes

If you want to add another class to your add classes list, simply repeat the previous steps.

Warning: Finish Enrolling

Make sure you complete the process! Once you have added all your classes to your shopping cart, click the green button that says “Proceed to Step 2 of 3.” On the next page you will be given the chance to review your enrollment and make sure that it is accurate. Once you have verified your classes, click the green “Finish Enrolling” button to submit your registration.

Verify Add

Check to make sure you did not receive any errors for the classes you added. If you did, you can see a message explaining why you could not add the class, for example, prerequisites not met, or the class is full. Finally, check your class schedule to make sure all the classes you added appear.

“Instructor Consent” or “Department Consent”

Should you receive a registration error indicating that “Instructor Consent” is required, you must go to the instructor to obtain the Permission number. To add the course, use the Permission Number with the 5-digit Class Number for that specific course section, as listed in the course schedule.

“Department Consent” requires students to go to the department that offers the course to obtain the Permission Number. To add the course, use the Permission Number with the 5-digit Class Number for that specific course section, as listed in the course schedule.

Permission numbers become ‘used’ only after an enrollment request is successful. To assure a successful enrollment request if you are adding using a permission number, remember the following before clicking the submit button:

  • Check that you have no holds.
  • Check that you have met all prerequisites.
  • If you know the 5-digit class number, enter the number. If not, use “search” function and enter Course Subject e.g. SOCI and course number e.g. 101. See the guide with screenshots on how to enroll
  • Enter the permission number in the permission number box (see page 5 on the guide)
  • Enter any and all Component Courses (e.g., corequisite labs or seminars) and determine what required course is approved even before trying to “Enroll in the Class.”

Adding Classes on the First Day of Instruction

At the first class meeting, Group 3: Graduating Students (bachelors and graduate level students who have a graduation application on file with an anticipated graduation date for the current or next semester) shall have top priority for any available spaces. Students seeking to add the course should provide documentation showing that they are graduating seniors as defined above.

An impartial procedure (such as a lottery or any other method of random selection) shall be used to choose, from among the graduating seniors, those who will fill the available spaces. Automated waitlists will run through the first nine days of the semester for most courses. Permission numbers will be required to add courses after that date. 

University Policy F20-1

Adding Classes after the Last Day to Add

  • After census date, students can petition for a late add using the Post-Census Late Enrollment form. Petition form can be found on the Registrar’s website or here.

Late Fee Assessed

Students registering for classes after census are assessed a late registration fee. Students in the Step to College programs are not required to pay the late registration fee.

Amount Description
$200.00 Begins after census for any classes added (includes Retroactive Adds - which begins the first day after instructions ends).


SJSU has “waitlisting” for all classes. Waitlisting puts you in line to get a space when a class is full (closed class), should a space become available. See University Policy F20-1 for more details on the waitlist policy.

When can I sign up for waitlist?

The waitlist process runs nightly from the first day of Advance Registration) through 7 business days after the start of the term

How do I sign up to waitlist for a class?

You may sign up for the waitlist via MySJSU. If a class is full, you may place yourself on a waitlist.

Waitlist When You Add Classes

  • Log into your MySJSU and navigate to ‘add classes.’
  • At “Step 1, Select classes to add,” search for your preferred course.
  • If the class is full and the waitlist option is available, you will see the yellow waitlist icon.
  • To place yourself on the waitlist, you must click the checkbox next to “Waitlist if class is full”.
  • You will be returned to Step 1. You must complete the remaining steps of the process to add classes.
  • When you finish enrolling in the class, you will see a message indicating that you are on the waitlist and your current position number on the list.
  • Monitor your waitlist position by navigating to “My Class Schedule” at MySJSU.


Problems? Questions? Comments? Contact Registrar@sjsu.edu

After the third week of Advance Registration

  • The automated waitlist process adds students based on priority.
  • Variable Waitlist Unit Limit applies. The Variable Waitlist Unit Limit defines the available units a student can waitlist at a given time.
  • There is no guarantee you will be enrolled in the class from the waitlist.
  • Check your schedule regularly at MySJSU to monitor your position on a waitlist.

Registration Procedures

  • You may place yourself on the waitlist if the class is already full.
  • If you are already enrolled in another section of the same course, you will not be moved from the waitlist if space becomes available unless you have set up the switch as a “swap”. See Swap Class Enrollment Function details.
  • When you place yourself on a waitlist, you hold a position that changes as students ahead of you get enrolled in the class or drop off the waitlist.
  • If students drop from a full class, students from the waitlist will be placed in the class before any student who attempts to add the class but is not on the waitlist.
  • If you are moved from the waitlist into the class, you will receive a confirmation message in your MySJSU account.
  • If enrolled from the waitlist, it is your responsibility to drop the class if you decide not to attend. Failure to properly drop the class will result in a “WU” grade on your record which will lower your grade point average.
  • It is your responsibility to monitor your waitlist, your enrollment limit, potential time conflicts and any additional fees due.
  • If you decide you no longer wish to be on the waitlist, you must drop yourself from the waitlist.

How do I move from the waitlist into the class?

Students are moved from the waitlist into the class if space becomes available, in the order they have been placed on the waitlist-if there are no other issues (see below).

Registration issues that may prevent you from moving from waitlist to enrollment. Check the list below “before” you put yourself on waitlist

  • Hold: Make sure you do not have a hold on your account.
  • Prerequisites or Corequisites: Make sure you meet all the pre/ corequisites(lab or workshop), major and class level requirements. Check your MySJSU for pre/ corequisite or see course descriptions on SJSU catalog.
  • Enrollment Limit: Check your Enrollment Limit, you may not go over your enrollment limit.
  • Time Conflict: Make sure that you have no time conflict with the class that you already enrolled
  • Already enrolled in another section of the same course: Make sure you’re not already enrolled in another section of the same course
  • Repeating a class: If you are repeating a class, you will not be able to enroll until a later date. See repeat and grade forgiveness page for details.
  • Course with components: You must select all desired sections (lecture, lab and seminar). Space must open in all sections

If you have any issue above, you will be skipped over and the next student will be considered. You will not be reconsidered until the next time space becomes available in that class.

Registration Billing

  • You may be added into waitlisted classes at any time which might incur additional charges. It is important to check your class schedule and amount due daily to avoid possible cancellation of all your classes for failure to pay your fees in full by your payment due date.

Class Notes

Note Number Note Description
1 CA - Students must register for one section of each activity listed.
2 CB - Students must register in an entire block of courses. Contact department office.
4 CD - Compressed session.
6 FB - Additional fees and/or materials required. Contact department office.
7 IA - For more information contact College of Professional and Global Education at 408-924-2670.
9 IC - See course description  for requirements.
10 ID - See department for advisement, prerequisites, and/or course requirements.
11 IE - Consult degree for major requirements.
12 IF - Contact department for dates, times or place of class meeting.
13 IG - Students must also register in a lab section.
14 IH - Meets pre-professional experience requirement for teacher education programs.
15 II - See comment section which appears under the department name.
16 IJ - Contact instructor for meeting dates.
17 IK - Additional hours required.
18 IL - Does not meet full semester.
19 IM - Required field trips (may include weekends).
20 LA - Class meets at off-campus location, students must arrange own transportation.
32 LN - Class meets at off-campus location.
34 PA - Prereq - Sophomore, junior or senior standing.
35 PB - Prereq - Upper division standing.
36 PC - Prereq - Graduate student status.
37 PD - Prereq - Senior standing.
38 PE - Prereq - Graduating senior status. Must show proof of application for graduation.
40 PG - Prereq - Placement test. See Testing  Section in the SJSU Academic Catalog Policies and Procedures.
42 PI - Prereq - Precalculus Proficiency Assessment. See Testing  Section.
46 PN - Prereq - ENGL 1A .
47 PO - Prereq - ENGL 1A  and ENGL 1B .
48 PP - Prereq - Writing in the Disciplines (100W) or equivalent.
52 PU - At first class meeting students must furnish proof of completion of prerequisites.
53 PV - Prerequisite courses required. See course description .
54 PW - Prerequisites, skills or materials are required. Consult the course description or contact department office.
58 P1 - Prereq - 100W.
59 RA - Requires consent of instructor.
60 RB - Requires consent of graduate or undergraduate advisor.
61 RC - Requires department release of permission number.
62 RD - Requires department approval.
63 RE - Requires negotiated agreements or contracts. Consult department.
64 RF - Restricted class level. Consult department before enrolling.
66 RH - Honors course. Requires department approval.
67 RI - Not open to students majoring in this discipline.
68 RJ - Restricted to certain majors. Others permitted during add/drop on space available basis.
69 RK - Restricted to certain majors. Contact department office for information.
70 RL - Open to non majors.
71 RM - Students with disabilities only.
73 RO - Not available to Open University students.
74 RP - Prerequisites must be completed with grades of “B” or better.
75 RQ - Prerequisites must be completed with grades of “C” or better.
77 RS - Restricted to majors in this department. Contact department for more information.
96 IN - Multiple GE areas are met by completion of this course; See General Education  section.
106 Per CSU, ten seats have been reserved for the Course Match program. Any unused reserved seats will be released before the semester begins.
107 Safety Equipment - Students must bring safety goggles and hearing protection to every class.
108 Certification Required - Requires completion of Flight Certification; See Advisor.
109 Fully  Online - Asynchronous: FULLY ONLINE - NO designated day/time meetings (TBA). May utilize Canvas. sjsu.edu/ecampus.
110 Fully Online - Synchronous: FULLY ONLINE - Designated day/time online meetings.. May utilize Canvas. More info at sjsu.edu/ecampus.
111 Hybrid - Async & In Prsn Mtgs: HYBRID -  NO designated day/time online meetings (TBA) with occasional in person meetings.. May utilize Canvas. More info at sjsu.edu/ecampus.
112 Hybrid - Sync & In Prsn Mtgs Cmps Mtgs: HYBRID - Designated day/time online meetings, and occasional in person meetings.. May utilize Canvas. More info at sjsu.edu/ecampus.
113 Hybrid - In-Person & Async: HYBRID - 2 Meeting Patterns: (1) designated in person with day/time meetings; and (2) NO designated online day/time meetings (TBA). May utilize Canvas. More info at sjsu.edu/ecampus.
114 Hybrid - In-Person & Sync: HYBRID - 2 meetings patterns: (1) designated in person with day/time meetings; and (2) designated online with day/time meetings. May utilize Canvas. More info at sjsu.edu/ecampus.
116 Fully Online - 2 Mtg Pat OL: FULLY ONLINE - 2 meeting patterns: (1) designated online with day/time meetings; and (2) NO designated online day/time meetings (TBA). May utilize Canvas. More info at sjsu.edu/ecampus.
117 Hybrid-2 MtgPat OL & InPrsnMtg: HYBRID - 2 meeting patterns: (1) designated online with day/time meetings; and (2) NO designated online day/time meetings (TBA). Both include occasional in person meetings.  May utilize Canvas. More info at sjsu.edu/ecampus.
0118 Permission Codes: Permission Numbers (add codes) will be given the First Day of Instruction.

Dropping a Class

Go to MySJSU

  • Enter your SJSU ID and Password
  • If you drop a class, you must do so prior to the time you submit payment to ensure that your registration fees are properly assessed.

Navigate to “Self Service” > Student center > Drop a class”

  • Click on “Drop Classes”
  • Click the checkbox next to each class you wish to drop and click “Drop Selected Classes.”
  • Review your selection and click “Finish Dropping.”
  • It is the student’s responsibility to make sure classes are dropped.

Dropping Without Penalty

Courses may be dropped without academic penalty through the day before the Census date. See the Calendar section for exact dates and deadlines. Courses dropped during this initial period will not appear on the student’s transcript. With instructor consent, students may late add a class up to the add deadline. Please view the pro-rata refund schedule for the appropriate semester.

Dropping Classes After Drop Deadline

Students may petition to late or retroactively drop a course or withdraw from an entire semester of courses for serious and compelling reasons after the drop deadline. Check the official academic calendar to verify the date.

Conditions and circumstances are defined as “serious and compelling” only if beyond the student’s control. Those acceptable as justifications for a late drop must have occurred after the drop deadline. A personal statement with supporting documentation must be submitted with the late and retroactive drop and withdrawal petition.

Undergraduates may go to this link​ for information on dropping/withdrawing from class. Petitions are done via DocuSign. Graduate students may go to this link for information on dropping/withdrawing from class. Petitions are done via OnBase.

Continue attending class and complete all assignments until the petition is approved or denied.

Instructor Drops

Instructors are permitted to drop a student who fails to establish a committed presence in the class. “Establishing a committed presence” is defined in University Policy F15-3 as the following options for the student:

  1. In-person classes. Attending the first class meeting or informing the instructor of the intention to continue in the class before 48 hours after the first official class meeting.
  2. Online classes. Logging on to the LMS (Canvas) class shell on the first scheduled day of the class or informing the instructor of the intention to continue in the class before 48 hours after the official class start date.

Some instructors may drop students who do not meet the stated course prerequisites. However, they are not required to do so. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure classes are dropped.

Detailed information for instructors is available for download.

Late Drop Petitions

Students may petition to Late Drop for serious and compelling reasons after the drop deadline. To verify the official dates, see Calendar  for links to the official academic calendar. Petitions are available at Undergraduate Education for undergraduates and GAPE for graduate students.

Academic Renewal

Graduating seniors with a grade point average (GPA) below 2.0 in the major, minor, SJSU, or overall college coursework, may request that all grades earned in a previous semester (or two semesters) be disregarded, to permit graduation. If the petition is approved, all grades and units earned during the semester will be disregarded when calculating GPAs for graduation, but the courses and grades will still appear on the transcript.

All of the following conditions must be met:

  • You must have applied for graduation and be ready to graduate.
  • You must have a GPA below 2.0 in a category required for graduation (major, minor, overall, SJSU)
  • At least 5 years must have elapsed since the semester you want to disregard.
  • You must have at least a 3.0 GPA in your most recent 15 units at SJSU, or 2.5 in the past 30 units, or 2.0 in the past 45 units.
  • No courses or units earned during the semester you want to disregard may be counted toward graduation.
  • You must document extenuating circumstances associated with the semester you want disregarded and show that your performance is not representative of your ability.

Students need to apply for Academic RenewalSee Undergraduate Education website for details.

Cancellation of Registration or Withdrawal From the Institution

Students who find it necessary to cancel their registration or to withdraw from all classes after enrolling for any academic term are required to follow the university’s official withdrawal procedures. Failure to follow formal university procedures may result in an obligation to pay fees as well as the assignment of failing grades in all courses and the need to apply for readmission before being permitted to enroll in another academic term. Information on canceling registration and withdrawal procedures is available from Exploratory Student Success Center, formerly Undergraduate Advising and Success Center (UASC), in Administration 150.

Students who receive financial aid funds must consult with the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawing from the university regarding any required return or repayment of grant or loan assistance received for that academic term or payment period. Students who have received financial aid and withdraw from the institution during the academic term or payment period may need to return or repay some or all of the funds received, which may result in a debt owed to the institution.

Please contact the Office of the Registrar at 408-924-5680 for more information.


Graduate students

Cannot enroll in lower division classes during Advance Registration. Lower division classes will need to be added starting on the first day of instruction for the term.

Matriculated SJSU students cannot concurrently enroll in Open University.

Matriculated students are those who have been admitted to SJSU as regular students for the current semester or were registered as matriculated students in at least one of the two previous semesters and did not graduate. This policy does not apply to disqualified students.

Students returning after an absence:

After an absence of more than one semester (without a formal leave of absence petition), students must reapply for admission before access to registration is granted.

Maximum Unit Load:

During the Advance Registration period a cap is placed on the maximum number of units that students can enroll in.  After a specified date, the cap is raised.  Students wishing to enroll in excess units must submit an Excess Units petition to their Department Chair. Please check the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Repeating a Class

In accordance with University Policy, F08-2, any matriculated student who is repeating a course for the first time shall be allowed to register for the course during the Advance Registration period no earlier than approximately three weeks prior to the start of the semester. Students who have received a grade of “W” will be treated as a first-time registrant for a course. Students who are repeating a class for two or more times or have repeated more than 28 units, must submit a Petition for a Repeat Exception. Here is a link to the petition.

Returning After an Absence

If you are in good standing and you were not disenrolled for non-payment of fees and you choose not to enroll or “stop out” for one semester, there is no need to reapply for admission. However, in order to maintain your matriculation at SJSU, you must enroll in classes the semester immediately following the one semester you stopped out. Some examples:

  • You attended a spring term, earned grades and you are still in good standing. You do not enroll in the fall term, but you must return to take classes in the following spring. You do not need to reapply for admission.

When must you reapply for admission

  • You attended a fall term, earned grades and are in good standing. You do not enroll in the next spring and fall terms (absence for a full year). You must reapply for admission.
  • If you take a full year off from school–you must reapply for admission. 
  • You do not enroll in classes in your initial admission term and wish to attend a subsequent term. You must reapply for admission.

How to reapply for admission

Complete the online application at Cal State Apply.

If you intend to stop out for one semester but decide to extend your absence, you may request a retroactive leave of absence under certain circumstances, before the start of the second semester away from SJSU.

If you return to SJSU after an absence of more than one semester you must reapply for admission before access to registration is granted. Note that a summer term is not included in this policy.

First Year Course Placement - English and Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning Supported Instruction

  • All entering SJSU frosh assigned a Math enrollment category of M-II, M-III, or M-IV must enroll in a B4 (mathematics/quantitative reasoning) course during their first academic year. All entering SJSU frosh assigned a Writing enrollment category W-II, W-III, or W-IV must enroll in an A2 (written communication) course during their first academic year. 

  • Students required to participate in Supported Instruction in Math (M-III and M-IV) and/or Writing (W-III and W-IV) may be restricted from enrolling in certain classes for which they do not meet prerequisites. Visit https://www.sjsu.edu/supportedinstruction/ for more details.

  • Students assigned to enrollment category M-IV must enroll in an appropriate B4 course in fall of their first academic year. Students assigned to enrollment category W-IV must enroll in an appropriate A2 course in fall of their first academic year. (Spring admits choosing Stretch English, which starts only in the Fall semester, may extend their A2 enrollment start date to their first fall semester.) Students in category M-IV and/or W-IV must remain continuously enrolled in B4 and/or A2 courses until these GE areas have been completed with a grade of C- or better.

  • Students required to participate in Supported Instruction in Math (M-III and M-IV) and/or Writing(W-III and W-IV) who do not enroll in or who drop out of the appropriate class(es) during any registration period for fall or spring terms without the consent of an advisor in their college success center or Exploratory Student Success Center, formerly Undergraduate Advising and Success Center (UASC), may be subject to having all courses dropped. If this occurs, students must re-register with no guarantee that classes in which they were previously enrolled will be available.

  • Entering SJSU frosh who have not completed A2 or B4 within a year of first registration will be placed on Administrative Academic Probation. Entering SJSU frosh who have not completed A2 or B4 within two years of first registration may be administratively academically disqualified, pending the outcome of an appeals process. The petition to extend the deadline for GE Area A2/B4 completion can be found at https://www.sjsu.edu/supportedinstruction/appeals/index.php.

CSU Immunization Requirements

The CSU Immunization Requirements policy applies to undergraduate and graduate students, students matriculated in self-support degree programs, and K-12 students participating in concurrent enrollment courses entering the California State University (CSU) in or after fall 2023.

Immunization and Screening, Recommendations and Requirements are adopted from the American College Health Association (ACHA) Immunization Recommendations for College Students linked here, and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Immunization & Screening Recommendations for College Students linked here.

See the CSU Immunization Requirements policy for more information regarding additional authorized discretionary requirements, academic program and fieldwork or clinical placement requirements, or immunization access.

NOTE: Any revisions of the CDPH recommendations for colleges and universities as of February 1, each year, will be reflected in CSU recommendations for the subsequent fall academic term.


A student may be exempted from the vaccine any requirements in this policy as described below:

Medical Exemption: due to a medical condition for which an Approved Vaccine presents a significant risk of a serious adverse reaction. Any medical Exemption must be verified by a certified or licensed healthcare professional.

Religious Exemption: due to either (i) a person’s sincerely held religious belief, observance, or practice, which includes any traditionally recognized religion, or (ii) beliefs, observances, or practices which an individual sincerely holds and that occupy a place of importance in that individual’s life, comparable to that of traditionally recognized religions.

Required Immunization

Hepatitis B (Hep B) - Ages 18 and younger as per California law (HSC sections 120390-120390-7), enrollees who are 18 years of age or younger are required to provide proof of full immunization against the hepatitis B virus prior to enrollment. If you need further details, please consult the Student Health Center

Additional requirements for SJSU University Housing and International Students

  • Updated mRNA COVID-19 vaccine
  • Meningococcal conjugate (MenACWY) vaccine
  • Tuberculosis (TB) screening form (available in Student Wellness Center Patient Portal)

Immunization and Screening Recommendations

The CSU recommends that students are current for the immunizations listed below. Immunizations and screening recommendations, and immunization schedules are linked above. Campuses should link to this policy to provide students with detailed immunization and screening recommendations.

Recommended Vaccines to Reduce Outbreaks:

  • Updated mRNA COVID-19 vaccine (required for some students as of Spring 2024)
  • Influenza Vaccine
  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) Vaccine
  • Meningococcal Conjugate (Serogroups A, C, Y, W-135) Vaccine
  • Serogroup B Meningococcal Vaccine
  • Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis (Tdap) Vaccine
  • Varicella (Chickenpox) Vaccine

Other Vaccines Recommended for Adults

  • Hepatitis A (Hep A) Vaccine
  • Hepatitis B (Hep B) Vaccine - Ages 19 and older
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine
  • Pneumococcal Vaccine
  • Polio Vaccine

Recommend Screening

  • Tuberculosis Screen/Risk Assessment (TB)

The above are not admission requirements but are required of students as conditions of enrollment in CSU.

Immigration Requirements for Licensure

The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (P.L. 104-193), also known as the Welfare Reform Act, includes provisions to eliminate eligibility for federal and state public benefits for certain categories of lawful immigrants as well as benefits for all illegal immigrants.

Students who will require a professional or commercial license provided by a local, state, or federal government agency in order to engage in an occupation for which the CSU may be training them must meet the immigration requirements of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act to achieve licensure. Information concerning the regulation of these requirements are available from the Registrar’s Office, Student Services Center.

Registration Holds

Students should periodically check for holds at MySJSU (which can be accessed through the One.SJSU.edu portal). Follow the instructions on how to clear them.

Holds on student accounts and records will prevent students from registering. Students should periodically check for holds at MySJSU. Financial holds of $50.00 or more will block you from registration, diplomas and other miscellaneous services

College of Engineering Advising

All College of Engineering undergraduates must see an advisor every semester, prior to registration. Graduate Engineering students (except Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Engineering, General Engineering, and Industrial Systems Engineering) must also see a major advisor prior to enrolling every semester.

College of Science Advising

All undergraduate College of Science majors and graduate students in Chemistry, Computer Science and Physics must see a major advisor prior to registering every semester.

Undeclared Advising Hold

All Undeclared and Undeclared-PreNursing students are required to see an advisor in the Exploratory Student Success Center, formerly Undergraduate Advising and Success Center (UASC), prior to registering every semester.

Financial Holds

Do you have a balance due on your student account? If so, you will not be able to register until the debt has been paid. Balances can fluctuate on your student account depending on activity. Pay your outstanding balance using the Pay Now option at MySJSU (which can be accessed through the One.SJSU.edu portal). Payments are applied to the oldest balance first. Keep your account current by paying all charges by the assigned due date.

Online Title IX Training Hold

All incoming students (undergraduate and graduate) are expected to complete online Title IX training course addressing sexual assault prevention. A hold (HW1) will be placed if the course is not completed. Questions? Email titleixeducation@sjsu.edu

AlcoholEdu Hold

All incoming undergraduates are expected to complete AlcoholEdu, an online training course addressing alcohol abuse prevention. A hold (HW2) will be placed if the course is not completed. Questions? Email titleixeducation@sjsu.edu

Hepatitis B Immunization Series

  • Are you a first time SJSU student?
  • Will you be 18 years or younger on the first day of instruction?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, you may be required to submit proof of full immunization or immunity against Hepatitis B.

For further details please visit the Student Health Center.

International Student Health Insurance

Proof of health insurance is required prior to registration each semester. For questions about this hold, please call International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) (408) 924-5920.

Measles and Rubella

  • Are you a new or readmitted SJSU student?
  • Were you born on or after January 1, 1957?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, you may be required to submit proof of full immunization or immunity against Measles and Rubella. For further details please visit the Student Health Center.

Missing Document Holds

If you owe documents or transcripts to the Undergraduate Admissions office, please submit by the deadline posted in your MySJSU account. You must submit final, official transcripts or official documents as instructed in your MySJSU “to do” items before you are allowed to register.

Probation Holds

  • Is your SJSU cumulative grade point average below 2.00 for undergraduates (3.00 for graduate students)?
  • Are you on a reinstated status on probation?

For undergraduates, if the answer is yes to either question, you must see your major advisor or an Exploratory Student Success Center, formerly Undergraduate Advising and Success Center (UASC), advisor before you can register. This will happen each term until you are no longer on probation.