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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Chemistry

Office: Duncan Hall 518

Telephone: 408-924-5000




David J.R. Brook
Lionel E. Cheruzel
Daryl K. Eggers
Resa M. Kelly
Gilles Muller
Roy K. Okuda
Karen A. Singmaster, Chair

Associate Professors

Laura C. Miller Conrad
Alberto A. Rascon, Jr.
Roger H. Terrill
Annalise Van Wyngarden

Assistant Professors

Philip Dirlam
Nicholas Esker
Gianmarc Grazioli
Madalyn R. Radlauer
Chester K. Simocko
Ningkun Wang
Abraham Wolcott


Chemistry plays an integral role in solving everyday problems in areas such as energy production, pollution control and disease prevention. Our graduates go on to gain advanced degrees in chemistry, medicine, pharmacy and dentistry or enter the job market directly, building careers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, biomedical, energy and green technology sectors. We provide broad access, high quality education in the molecular sciences at both the bachelor’s degree and master’s degree levels. Undergraduates may specialize in biochemistry. Graduate degree candidates focus on analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic, organic or physical chemistry. Our curriculum, taught by experts in each of the subfields of chemistry, supplements traditional classroom courses with hands-on laboratory and research instruction. For teaching purposes, as well as to support the department’s research mission, we maintain a large collection of state-of-the-art instrumentation, including mass spectrometers, spectrophotometers and lasers.

Undergraduate Honors Program

Student must be nominated by their research advisor and is selected for department honors by the Chemistry Department faculty. To be nominated chemistry majors need at least a 3.5 GPA in all chemistry course work required for the major and a minimum of two semesters of research by the time of graduation. The student would also have to submit, in electronic form, a written research report to support the nomination.

Non-Compliance with Safety Rules

Failure to comply with proper procedures and prescribed safety cautions shall subject the student to removal from the laboratory and/or disciplinary action.

  1. Any student who engages in unauthorized experimentation or who seriously disregards safety, thereby endangering self or others shall be withdrawn immediately from the class with a grade of “F”.
  2. Any student who shows persistent disregard for safety may have his or her grade lowered, and may risk being withdrawn with a final grade of “F”.


To enroll in a Chemistry Course that has another Course as a prerequisite requires that a grade of “C or better” (C- not accepted) be earned in the prerequisite course. Exceptions may be made only with instructor consent or if not explicitly stated in the course description.


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