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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Processes for Reinstatement

Reinstatement Processes

Per S16-16, academically disqualified students may apply for reinstatement. Academic disqualification occurs when graduate students on probation or continued probation earn a fall, or spring term GPA below 3.0. The disqualified status is shown on the transcript. Graduate students disqualified from the university for the first time can petition to be reinstated, unless otherwise disallowed by an accrediting body or other governing agency. Reinstatement is a process separate from readmission. Students must file an application for readmission with Cal State Apply through GAPE to register for classes following reinstatement. Application for readmission can be done during the semester in which the program of study is underway or in which the reinstatement petition is being considered. Please note the process below for students wishing to apply for reinstatement:

  1. Students who are disqualified from the University will receive notification from the Office of the Registrar (see sample disqualification notice). Once this occurs, the student may immediately apply for reinstatement using this Petition for Reinstatement form.
  2. Students must complete a Reinstatement Petition with their advisor and obtain all necessary signatures and documentation. Consideration is given for:
    1. Extenuating circumstances
    2. Special Consideration
    3. Change of grade
    4. Program of Study: Note: because Program of Study requires taking courses the semester following disqualification through Open University, students must submit their petitions for their Program of Study by the following deadlines to ensure that they can be reinstated for the next earliest semester:
      1. Spring March 1st (if the Program of Study is to be done during the Spring semester)
      2. Summer July 1st (if the Program of Study is to be done during the Summer semester)
      3. Fall October 1st (if the Program of Study is to be done during the Fall semester)
      4. Example: If a student is disqualified in the fall semester, the student can take a Program of Study the following spring semester, and if the Program of Study is successfully satisfied, and if the application cycle is still open, they would be eligible to return the following fall semester (or possibly earlier during the summer semester depending on their program).
      5. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that documentation reaches the College of Graduate Study for final approval and meets any of the above deadlines (see sample Program of Study confirmation letter).
    5. A Program of Study must conform to the following policies:
      1. Courses must be letter graded, upper division (100-leve), and taken through SJSU Open University or SJSU’s Extended Studies winter or summer session. Graduate courses can not be used in a Program of Study
      2. The 100-level courses may or may not be part of the graduation requirements for the student’s degree program.
      3. The advisor may require more than 6 units of coursework but no more than 9 units.
      4. Courses for a Program of Study cannot be from a past term.
      5. If the student plans to pursue a different degree program upon readmission to the university, the Program of Study must be applicable to the new major, be developed in conjunction with the graduate advisor of the new major, and demonstrate the student’s capacity to complete the new graduate degree requirements.
      6. If a course on an approved Program of Study becomes unavailable, another reinstatement petition must be submitted and approved immediately after enrollment in a substitute course.
      7. Once the Program of Study has been completed successfully with a minimum GPA of 3.3 (“B+”) and no grades lower than B, the student will be reinstated and, after reapplication to the university, readmitted to the university and the department.
      8.  Should the student fail to achieve the 3.3 minimum GPA, additional programs of study are permissible with entirely new classes and consent of the graduate advisor of the incoming major.
    6. Petitions are approved by the Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and forwarded to the Office of the Registrar. In the case of denial, department and student are notified.

Readmission and Appeals Processes 

  1. Simultaneous to the reinstatement process, students must also  reapply for readmission to gain matriculated status once again.
    1. Students must reapply to SJSU using the Cal State Apply processes and meet all regular admissions eligibility criteria, pay appropriate fees, and follow the regular term application deadlines. 
    2. To meet filing deadlines, students may need to start the readmission process before reinstatement is complete. 
    3. GAPE will not readmit students until transcript states that the student has been reinstated any requests are held until reinstatement is approved
    4. Note: in some cases such as extenuating circumstances and change of grade petitions, readmission is not necessary if petitions are provided in a timely manner
    5. See sample reinstatement letter
  2. Students whose petitions are denied can appeal to the Academic Disqualification Reinstatement Review Committee
    1. Process is initiated through the Graduate Advisor
    2. Personal Statement must be provided to the Associate Dean of Programs for the College of Graduate Studies

Sample Letters to Students

Disqualification Notice

Dear Student,

Our records [for most recently completed semester] show that you have been disqualified as a regular matriculated student.  Consequently, you will be dis-enrolled from your [next semester] classes. However, if enrolled in Summer [only if you were disqualified for the fall semester] classes, you will not be dropped (unless you are a graduate student enrolled in a 200 level course or state supported courses). Last day to add via MySJSU for Summer Session One is today, June 10. Advance Registration for Summer Session Two is ongoing until July 2.

If you wish to re-enroll for the [subsequent semester], you may do so as an Open University student, during the Late Registration period. Late Registration begins on August 21.  Please note that Open University registration is on a space available basis and a permission number from the instructor will be required. 

Online registration via MySJSU will not be available in your first semester of Open University enrollment.
To enroll as Open University, complete the registration form, and submit it to window “R” in the Student Services Center (SSC) between August [first date to enroll] and Open University Add deadline.
For more information about Open University, visit the Open University website.

Please be aware that all disqualified students must apply for reinstatement and re-apply for re-admission.  For information on reinstatement, go to Office of the Registrar Reinstatement website.  For information on re-applying, go to CalState Apply.


Office of the Registrar

Program of Study Notice

Dear Student,

This letter is to confirm that your Reinstatement Petition for the [semester following disqualification] semester has been received and is being processed. If you do not register for these courses, you will be required to submit a new Petition for Reinstatement.

Reinstatement and readmission are two separate processes. If you have any questions about being readmitted, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Admissions Office directly. You may only take courses through Open University. Open University registration information and forms can be found online at http://ies.sjsu.edu . Please verify your Program of Study courses below :

SJSU - OPEN UNIVERSITY (Note that these courses must be registered through Open University)



Note that courses must be 100-level courses and not graduate courses

Please remember that you must earn at least a B+ (3.300) in each course of your Program of Study to be guaranteed reinstatement. Be aware that you must also meet this minimum requirement in additional non-Program of Study courses that you register for. If you do not meet these requirements, your petition will be forwarded to the Academic Disqualification and Reinstatement Review Committee for evaluation.


Reinstatement Coordinator Office of the Registrar

Reinstatement Notice

Dear Student,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been academically reinstated on the recommendation of the Academic Disqualification and Reinstatement Review Committee. You have been reinstated in good standing.

You must maintain a minimum 3.000 SJSU cumulative grade point average to stay in good academic standing. This requirement applies to courses taken as a matriculated student and through Open University. If your cumulative SJSU grade point average drops below 3.000 you will disqualify a second time. Please note: Graduate students CANNOT be reinstated from a second disqualification.

It is important to note that reinstatement and readmission are two separate processes. Reinstatement is not readmission to San Jose State University for any particular semester or degree objective. To return to San José State as a regular, matriculated student you must also reapply for the next available application cycle and pay the application fee online at https://www2.calstate.edu by no later than the published closing deadline. If you have any questions about being admitted, please contact the Undergraduate Admission or Graduate Admissions directly. Please be aware that you will not be readmitted if you have not satisfied all remedial requirements.

Be sure to clear any existing holds on your record, as they will prevent you from being able to add classes.

As of this notice, your reinstatement process has been completed by the Registrar’s Office.

If you have any questions regarding this letter, please send an email to: joni.talley@sjsu.edu.


Reinstatement Coordinator

Office of the Registrar