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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education Requirements Overview

Core General Education

Basic Skills of an Educated Person

Requirements units
Oral Communication (A1) 3
Written Communication I (A2) 3
Critical Thinking and Writing (A3) 3
Mathematical Concepts (B4) 3
Subtotal 12 units

Basic Knowledge of an Educated Person

Requirements units
Physical Science (B1)* 3
Life Science (B2)* 3
One lab course in either Physical or Life Science (B3)  
Arts (C1) 3
Letters (C2) 3
A third course from either Arts or Letters (C1 or C2) 3
Social Sciences (D) 9
Human Understanding & Development (E) 3
Subtotal 27 units

SJSU Studies

Upper Division General Education (R, S, and V) and Written Communication II (Z)

Integrated Knowledge of an Educated Person

Requirements units
Earth and Environment (R) 3
Self, Society & Equality in the U.S. (S) 3
Culture, Civilization & Global Understanding (V) 3
Written Communication II (Z) 0-3
Subtotal 9-12 units

Graduation Requirements

Requirement units
American Institutions (may be satisfied in Core) 0-6
Physical Education (two units or courses of activity are required) 0-2
Written Communication II (Z) (part of SJSU Studies) 0-3
Subtotal 0-11 units

Total General Education Units

Requirements units
Core 39
Upper Division 9
Subtotal 48 units