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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education Course Attributes

For more information about General Education Objectives  visit the Policies and Procedures  section in this catalog.

GE Area
A1 Area A1: Oral Communication
A2 Area A2: Written Communication IA
A3 Area A3: Critical Thinking
B1 Area B1: Physical Science
B1 + B3 Areas B1 + B3: Physical Science & Laboratory Science
B2 Area B2: Life Science
B2 + B3 Areas B2 + B3: Life Science & Laboratory Science
B3 Area B3: Laboratory Science
B4 Area B4: Mathematical Concepts
C1 Area C1: Arts
C2 Area C2: Letters
D1 Area D1: Human Behavior
D2 Area D2: Comparative Systems
D2 + D3* Areas D2 + D3 Comp Sys & Soc Issues
D3 Area D3: Social Issues
E Area E: Human Understanding & Development
US1 Area US1: American History
US2 + US3* Areas US2, US3: US Constitution & California Government
US3 Area US3: California Government Only
US1 + US2 + US3* Areas US1, 2, 3 American History, US Constitution & California Government
R Area R: Earth & Environment
S Area S: Self, Society & Equality in the U.S.
V Area V: Culture, Civilization & Global Understanding
Z Area Z: Written Communication II (GWAR)
GWAR Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement

 * In some cases the GE area may not be met until the entire course sequence is completed. This also applies to other GE combinations not noted with an asterisk.

In previous academic catalogs, you may see references to summary codes when a course fulfills multiple GE area.  

Code GE Areas
M1* A1+ C2 + US123
M2* A2 + C2
M3 A3 + D3
M4 C1 + D2
M5* C2 + D3 + US123
M6* D2 + US123
M7* D3 + US123
M8* C1 + C2
M9* A3 or C2
M10* A2 + D3
M11* D3 + US23
M12* D2 + US1
M13* A3 + C2 + US123
M14* A1 + D2
M15* A2 + D3